Traverse City Central High School
Class of 59'
Traverse City Central High School
Class of 59'
Traverse City Central High School
Class of 59'
Traverse City Central High School
Class of 59'
Traverse City Central High School
Class of 59'
Traverse City Central High School
Class of 59'
Traverse City Central High School
Class of 59'
Traverse City Central High School
Class of 59'
Traverse City Central High School
Class of 59'
Traverse City Central High School
Class of 59'
Traverse City Central High School
Class of 59'
Traverse City Central High School
Class of 59'
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Oak Park 1st Grade
Oak Park 2nd Grade
Oak Park 3rd Grade
Oak Park 6th Grade
Oak Park 7th Grade
6th & 7th Grade Sports Team

Back Row: L to R: Sharon Carpenter, Joan Erickson, Christen Base, Raberta Hunt, Louise Clune, Kay Nash, Betty Lou Patrick, Sue Sanborn, Shirly Written, Mary Lou Nash
Second Row L to R:
Nancy Garns, Roseanna Peice, Randy Young, Ruth Saford, marie Campbell, Carol Cuttiss, Judy Bannon, Marlene Sheldon, Judy ?, Brenda Wares, Murul Hiat, Joyce Hamond
First Row L to R:
Shanon Henricks, Captin Mary Samuleon, Coach Mrs. Lemcoel, Joan Lovel, Helen Gardmen, Marlin Gunningham, Rosella Havey, Sharon Midder, Mary Kay Heart, Diania Ziets, Nancy Fisher, Audry Sands, and Jackie Henricks
Oak Park Elementary School
Sixth Grade Basketball

1 Steve Howard, 2 Ken Bannen, 3 Terry Wales, 4 Bill Mann, 5 Jim Martin, 6 Lynn Buchan, 7 Bob Olson, 8 Bill Landt, ?? , 10 Mr. Dick Hoag
The King
Is Coming
Back Row L to R: Mrs. Pepper, (?), Anetta Hendricks, Ione Southworth, Richard Bain, Sheldon Cole, Bob Breithaupt, Dan Exo
Middle Row L to R:
Barbara Gray, Janet Rogers, Charles Luhrs, Bob Nelson, ?, (?), Dorothy Lindsay, Kay Chimosky, Kay Horn
Front RowL to R:
Jack McCoy, Charles Billadeau, Ron Steele, Bill Dykeman, Bill Gallihugh, (?) Carl Parsons, Carl Ellston
Back Row L to R: Sheldon Cole, Jack McCoy, (?), Bill Dikeman, Dan Exo, Charles Luhrs, Bob Nelson, Bill Gallihugh, Ron Steele, Carl Parsons
Middle Row L to R:
Judy Edburn, Janet Rogers, Mary Jane McCool, Sharon Sullivan, Ione Southworth, Kay Chimosky, Kay Horn, Carolyn Merchant
Front Row L to R:
Carl Ellston, Dwight Weindrick, Charles Billadeau, Tom Skudlarick, (?), Bob Breithaupt
Boardman 6th Grade

Back Row: Mr. (George) Peterson, Tom Skudlarick, Dick Bain, Suzanne Martinson, Barbara Sleder, Ione Southworth, Dale Jordan,Bob Breithaupt, Charles Luhrs, Bob Nelson
Middle Row:
Kay Horn, Carl Parsons, Pete Hilty, Dick Bolek, Barb Wolcott, Kay Chimesky, Karen Nicholson, Jack Underwood, Jack McCoy, Jerry Ritter, Sandy Nelson, ?
Front Row:
Charlene Ray, Ron Steele, ?, Darlene Homan, Janice Payne, Carol Knight, Marilyn Cox, Judy Toeper, Judy Grant, Bill Gallihugh, Carl Ellston, Mary Jane McCool
Boardman 7th Grade

Back: Bob Nelson,?, Bob Breithaupt, Barbra Sleder, lone Southworth, Mr. Alan Hollbrook, Mary Springer, Mr. Victor Peterson, Dick Bain, Tom Skudlarick, Karen Nickolson, Carol Fouch, ?
?, Jack McCoy, Kay Horn, Kay Chimosky, Bill Martinick, Charles Luhrs, Pete Hilty, ?, Mary Jane McCool, Jerry Ritter, Ron Steele
Dwight Weinrick, Noreen Towne, Bill Gallihugh, Joan Fisher, Judy Toerper, ?, ?, Judy Grant, Reggie Lanchaster, Carl Parsons, ?
Boardman Girls
Boardman Softball Team

Back Row: Mr. Walthrup, Jack McCoy, Tom Skudlarick, Bob Nelson, Charles Luhrs, ?, Bob Breithaupt, ?, ?,
Front Row:
?, ?, ?, Dwight Weinrick, ?, ?, Bill Gallihugh, ?
Boardman Girls Newcomb League
Unbeaten in five games, the Boardman girls captured the newcomb league crown from five other schools. Members of the Boardman team are: back row, left to right, Mrs. Killman, coach, Patty Havill, Mary Springer, Sara Rose
 Leonard, Barbara Arnold, Diane Solem, Martha Lemen, Karolyn Wiler; center row, left to right, Noreen Towne, Judy Toerper, Linda Toerper, Judy Dolamore, Carolyn Hamilton, Willa Round and Julie LaMott; front row, left to right, Nancy Bumgardner. Mary McCool, Kay Haywood, Kay Horn, Audrey Gustafson, Judy Bolic and Karen Horn.
`Union Street School, 7th Grade

Front row, left, 1 Sharon McCall, 2 Gary Burkholder, 3 Ann Paynter, 4 Nancy Hiatt, 5 Linda Ashby, 6 Bonnie Beckwith, 7 Mary Schildroth, 8 Theresa Eisner, 9 Sheila Wyatt, 10 Eddie Dewer, 11 Joe Terhune
 Second row left, 12 Donny Chandler, 13 Garry Curtiss, 14 Bob Stamm, 15 Thomas Newkirk, 16 Larry Priest, 17 Monty Oliver, 18 Max Strickland, 19 Roger Carroll, 20 Calvin Gray
Back row left
, 21 Marilyn Kroetsch, 22 Linda Ray, 23 Helen Canfield, 24 Eva Haselton, 25 Pat Helferich, 26 Mary Springer, 27 Carl Ellston, 28 Gary Thomas, 29 Barbara Hopkins
Sixth Grade Class of Black School

This was the whole class at the time the pic was taken. Photo taken during winter of 1952 if my memory is correct. This is the Sixth Grade Class of Black School.  The School was located on the corner of 3 mile Rd. and Hammond.  Building is still there and red, I think.  Was a typical one room school.  Mrs. Rhoa L. Wurtele was our teacher that year, (dont have a photo with her).

Some of this class went to Central, others may have moved away. Note the high buckle black rubber boots, most of us walked to school then. I
will include here some location history of where us kids lived in relation to the school.

Left to Right by number:
Francis Hughes #1, Jerry Lewis #2, Judy Johnson #3, Brian Luhrs #4,
Larry? Bradley #5, Mike Loomis #6.

Later, possibly the following year, Mike Tousley was also a classmate here.

Francis lived up the dirt road end of 4 mile Rd.
Jerry lived right on 3 mile Rd. 1/2 mile from school.(Toward Bay)
Judy lived right on 3 mile Rd. a mile from school. (Toward Bay)
I, Brian lived right on 3mile Rd. (Across from the Wagner Farm)
Dont know where Larry or Mike lived. (Within walking distance, hence the boots)
Mike will include here some location history of where us kids lived in relation to the school. had an older sister in this same school, named Kay, and two younger
twin brothers, Matt and Bill.

Respectfully Submitted, Brian Luhrs
Central Kindergarten
Central 1st Grade
Central 2nd Grade
Central Basketball Team

Back Row: Chuck Samuelson, Doug Linder, Terry Garn, Micky March, Coach Howey
Front Row:
Bill Hicks, Jerry Jerome, Capt. Mike Harris, Gary Braun, Ted Kempton, Lee Sheffer
Central 4th Grade 1951
Central 5th Grade 1952

Top row:  Mr. Bob Bursian, Chuck Samuelson, Bill Heidbreder, Doug Linder, Terry Garn, Lee Sheffer, Gary Hays.

Front row:  Jerry Springer, Mike Harris, Jerry Jerome, Gary Braun.
Central 7th Grade

Back Row: L to R: Gary Hayes, Sue Holliday, ?, Bill Hubrate, Sara Perkett, Don Jaquish, Jerry Bare, Lee Rawlings, Sue Martinson, Terry Garn, Allene Wyckoff, Suzie Hazzard, Becky Walton
Middle Row:
Mike Harris, Bev Berkman, Janet Rogers, Connie Coddington, Chuck Samulson, Diane Funderbert, Gloria Ealy, Jerry Claycomb, Sharon Sullivan, Darlene Goty, Jackie Fort, Patsy Barner, Sandy Ebbage
Front Row:
Sharon Lodsdon, Jerry Jrome, Linda Wither, Ted Kempton, ?, ?, Gert Montague, Deb Smilin, Diane Dumbrill, ?, Gary Braun, Jerry Springer
Central 6th Grade 1953

L to R: Back Row: Darlene D, Chuck S, Sara P, Diane F, Bill h, Don j, Gary H, Beverly V, Sharon S, Gloria E, Linda W
Middle Row:
Lee S, Sue H, Jerry G, Sharon B, Doug L, Jerry B, Arlene W, Marilee H, Snadra E, Mr. Bursian
Front Row:
Sharon L, Jerry S, Gertrude M, Teddy K, Janet R, Diane D, Jackie F, Mike H, Marylin H, Gary B, Julie B
This photograph from the 1930s was taken from the corner of Pine and 8th streets. The building now serves Central Elementary School.
2nd Grade Elmwood
Miss Elander
Back Row L to R: Vivian Belfy, Karen Schmidt, Carolyn Rogers,?, Cindy Neihart, ?, Sue Halliday, Gloria Ealy, Janet Snelling, Sheri Baynton, Darlene Bredup
Middle Row:
?, Ann Secor, ?, Jack Wright, Peters, ?, Doug Linder, Glen Blow, ?, Emil Dolan
Front Row:
Jerry Slaby, ?, Rick Sleder, Jim Bexstrom, Regie Lancaster, ?, Phil Wakefield, ?, Herb Lemcool, ?, Howard Reinhardt, Elliott Weitz, Lee Rawlings
3rd Grade Elmwood
Miss Kinninon
Back Row: L to R: Mickey Joint, Dick Sleder, ?, ?, Darlene Bridup, Lee Rawlings, Barb Porter, Sharie Baynton, Howard Reinhardt, Elliot Weltz, Phil Wakefield
Middle Row:
An Secor, ?, ?, ?, Karen Schmidt, Sue Halliday, Cindy Neihardt, Viv Belfy, Carolyn Roose, Marlene McCuen, Dorothy Lindsey, Janet Snelling
Front Row:
Peters, Glen Blow, Richard Oatley, Herb Lemcool, Emel Dolan, Jim Beckstrom, Jack Wright, ?